Excerpts from Urban Verses


Dashboard lights strobe,

a siren wails,

and before I remember my right

to a well-lit stopping place,


Seven inner-city seventh graders—

constituents of an educational system

struggling to maintain a tenuous grasp

on teachers, funds and hope—


The most exquisite flowers

spring up

in the least likely spots—

lending splashes of color,


They say I'm brave to live here-

A courageous soul, more so than most

And I believe that they intend it

As a compliment to me


The Bible says, in Heaven there will be no night

But it's the approach of night, in all its many-colored splendor,

That shows me God the Master Painter

Momentarily Mom

Little Sweet One

Mine for one inexplicable instant

Hovering over my upturned palm

Like a distracted hummingbird

Pausing on the journey

From your first mother to your forever mom