Paige Gadson

(We Only Live to Die)
"At sixteen, I was faced with a situation that I thought I would never get out of... In a place full of destruction, I found a perfect distraction – writing became my escape. This wasn’t always my life. I was raised by two strong & caring people – two people I owe my life to: my great-grandparents. All I asked for was placed right in front of me. Still, hungrily, I searched for attention from the people who created me. I thought it was cool to play with fire, because no one warned me that it would burn. So society took my truth & replaced it with lies... Everything you need to know about me, I’ve written on a piece of paper – but beware for what's stored in between each line. In a place of kids yarning & hustling to survive is where I learned the ugliest truth: We only live to die..."

George Sanchez Garcia, Jr.

(Words from the Deep Core of My Brown Corazón)
George began writing at age 13, when he was in juvenile hall. He has published two books: An Aztec Slave and Words From the Deep Core of My Brown Corazón. He continues to write and to share his story as an artist with WordsUncaged, a nonprofit dedicated to "empowering people that are currently and formerly incarcerated through art, education and community."

Lowell Noble

(From Oppression To Jubilee Justice)
Lowell was professor of sociology and anthropology at Spring Arbor University for 25 years. Starting in 1994, he served for many years as a volunteer at the John Perkins Foundation in Jackson, Mississippi. His passion in retirement was to create a theology of society to undergird Christian Community Development.

Paul V. Sorrentino

(editor, A Transforming Vision)
Paul began his career as a crisis counselor and family therapist in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He then moved into campus ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and later served as Protestant Religious Advisor and Director of Religious Life at Amherst College in Massachusetts. Throughout his career, and now in retirement, he has maintained a commitment to fostering constructive dialogue and interchange across religious traditions.

Alexis Spencer-Byers

(Another’s Treasure, Urban Verses)
Alexis was raised in San Francisco; completed a degree in English at Amherst College in Massachusetts; engaged in various types of community development work (including co-founding Koinonia Coffee House, an inner-city café and community gathering place) in Jackson, Mississippi, and Los Angeles, California; and recently returned to San Francisco, where she works as a web software developer and volunteers as an editor/mentor for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated youth and young adult writers.

Rosie Weary

(Stepping Out from the Shadows)
Rosie grew up poor in Mississippi and left for a better life, only to be called back by God to serve those still trapped by poverty, racism, substandard education and other hardships. For 27 years, she worked at Mendenhall Ministries alongisde her husband, Dolphus. In 1998, Rosie and Dolphus co-founded REAL Christian Foundation (REAL), where Rosie served as executive director and chief executive officer from 1998 to 2008, and as vice president from 2009 to 2016. Since January 1, 2017, Rosie has enjoyed being retired and spending time with her grandchildren.