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June 8, 2007


by Natalie Stanfield Thomas

Tiny hand pressed flat in mine
"Do you see the difference between you and me?"
Looking up you brightly smile
"Sure Mommy! You hand is bigger than me!"

Bruised little boy, fresh off the bus
Brushed back your tears and gathered you close
Holding your sweet softness while you cry
"Xzay says you can't be my mommy cuz I'm black and you white!"

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About this week's author:

Natalie says: I live in Tupelo, Mississippi, with my husband, Ed, and three of the seven boys we have between us. I came to the marriage with four, and Ed had three sons. Ed is African-American with two bi-racial sons and one caucasion step-son from a previous marriage; I am caucasion (Irish-English/German-Native American) with two caucasion sons and one bi-racial son and one caucasion step-son from a previous marriage. I don't believe in "steps," "naturals," "adopteds" or "halfs" only "Sons," I only use those terms for the understanding of others. Needless to say I think outside of the box... some days I don't even go near it.

I have been writing since childhood, mostly poetry and verse with an occasional short story thrown in for fun. I have had articles published in Better Nutrition and Today's Living magazines and formerly wrote a column called "Rants From the Testosterone Zone" for the minority newspaper The Kentucky Voice. I have loved radio all my life, and music speaks to me in a way nothing else does. Ever since I was a small child I had aspirations to be a narrator, a cartoon voice, anything that would let me be a part of this theater of the mind. I got my first job in radio in 1984. I worked in secular radio until 1998 when I had a "crisis of belief" that led to my beginning to use the talents Yahweh had given me for His purposes. Yahweh pruned my life completely and brought me and three of my sons to Tupelo, Mississippi, and the network home of American Family Radio where I am employed in the production department as an Audio Producer and On Air Talent on the mid-day shift for the inspirational network. Recently married in August 2006 to American Family News anchor, Ed Thomas; we're raising our blended family in Tupelo, MS.

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