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June 22, 2007

Tact and the Tentative Question

by Jennifer Merri Parker

Can we collide with something less than injury to you?
Will you not be impaled on some of all my jagged edges?
Might you abrade your hands when,
reaching out, expecting smoothness
you find me rough and rugged, find me
pitted, pocked and ragged from a myriad of storms?
Might you pull back, protective
of your own uncalloused life
and soul unmarred by wind and rain
and random meteorite?
Can I, crushed as I am,
get past the fear of doing damage
to reach for you and touch
your imperfections, finding there
a perfectly hurt surface, where against all happenstance
and hope we find, as if there's some design to all of it,
your ridges fill my canyons,
and our damaged places fit -- that you meet me
with a story every bit as full of ache
and match me, pit for promontory? Surely,
this can be no accident
and no mistake.

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About this week's author:

Jennifer Parker is a freelance writer and children's librarian based in West Point, Mississippi.

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