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June 1, 2007

Enlightenment for a Better Tomorrow (The Black Disease)

by Angela Shumpert Abrams

A fatal sickness my symptoms reveal.
I need a second opinion. It's a misdiagnosis.
How do I stop it? How do I hide it?
Everyone will see and everyone will know.

I had serious ambitions of prosperity.
Now I'm wasting to invisibility,
yet I can't shake the notoriety.
So I smile despairingly and stay in line.

What can I blame when I fail to succeed,
my poverty evidence of my inherited ills?
Educate me on the suppression of my condition.
I'll die with it but I won't live with it.

Too late for a treatment, watch the death of dreams
that wither and scream and don't let me sleep.
How did I get caught with sin on my skin?
I'll find the cure when I find enlightenment.

~ ~ ~

About this week's author:

Angela says: I now live in Jackson as a homemaker with my husband and two children. I was always part of small communities before I came to Jackson. I was born in Northeast MS in a little community (Dorsey-Evergreen) of about 500-800 people. I knew each and every one of my neighbors, never really considered being neighbors to strangers. Urban living has been a new experience to me, one I've had to adapt to and learn to appreciate. The harmonious country sounds of crickets, dogs, and wind blowing through trees are replaced by the cacophonous, but no less musical, city sounds of cars, sirens, and airplanes. I have found that being connected with God keeps me connected with the people around me and keeps me from feeling isolated or indifferent. I reach to God when I need peace and comfort, which surround the issues that worry me and allow me to express those issues truthfully and ruthlessly.

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