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July 6, 2007

Fragile Heart

by Robin Abrams-Tolden

A heart is fragile and must be protected...

I didn't want to hurt anymore
So I took the keys and I locked the door
And I built icy walls of brick
So strong and thick were they
That just one look would turn away
Anyone who might cause pain.

Then you came along and acted like
you didn't see the walls, the doors, the lock
And tenderly you lit a candle near a block
And there you knelt
And waited for the ice to meltÖ
Then there was a warmth my heart felt.

As brick by brick began to disappear
Slowly I began letting go of my fear
And now the icy walls are no more
And you picked the lock and opened the door.

Now a new chapter in my life I begin
I could lose, but I could win
Cause Iím gonna take a chance and let you in

And my fragile heart is exposed once again.

~ ~ ~

About this week's author:

After growing up in urban Chicago, Robin and her husband Andy raised a family in rural Mississippi. She spent about 20 years teaching elementary school and in youth ministry with her husband, whom she lost to high blood pressure, diabetes, and eventually kidney failure. Robin now resides in NW Florida with her new husband, Dimitri, and a new career ministering to children of military personnel.

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