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June 29, 2007

Can You Love Me?

by Robin Abrams-Tolden

Iím not as young as I used to be
My skin is no longer blemish-free
My hair is not silky and straight
And my memory ainít all that great.
Can you love me?

My stomach is not smooth and flat
And I am no longer as limber as a cat
My butt is not all that firm and round
And I could stand to lose a pound.
Can you love me?

My eyes donít see what they used to see
And sometimes there is this pain in my knee
My teeth are no longer pearlie white
My breasts are no longer perky and tight.
Can you love me?

But my life is full and rich at this age,
There is more wisdom here in this stage,
Contentment and joy are well known,
Compassion and patience have also grown,
And most of all God from above
Has taught this heart how to love.
Can you love me?

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About this week's author:

After growing up in urban Chicago, Robin and her husband Andy raised a family in rural Mississippi. She spent about 20 years teaching elementary school and in youth ministry with her husband, whom she lost to high blood pressure, diabetes, and eventually kidney failure. Robin now resides in NW Florida with her new husband, Dimitri, and a new career ministering to children of military personnel.

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