The Bible says, in Heaven there will be no night
But it's the approach of night, in all its many-colored splendor,
     That shows me God the Master Painter
It's the starry host of night who testify
     To God the Universe-Creator
It's the fearsome dark and danger of night
     That call forth God my Defender
And the bitter tears of restless nights that drive me to the arms
     Of God my Comforter
In late-night chats with wiser ones than I,
     I hear whispers from God my Counselor
And through the dream-laced sleep of night,
     I receive the ministrations of God my Restorer

The Bible says, in Heaven there will be no sea
But it's the depth and breadth of ocean waters that give me a hint of the devotion
     Of God the Lover of my Soul
And it's the chilling pull of undertow that reminds me to be grateful
     To God my Life Preserver
It's the sound of mighty breakers pounding fast upon the rocky shore
     That echoes the potent gavel of God the Eternal Judge
And it's the foaming, salty sea spray that evokes the tender tears
     Of God the Mother Hen, lamenting over her Jerusalem

How mind-rending it is
To anticipate a clarity of sight
By which we know You for Who You are
Without the cherished crutch of interpretation