Praise for Urban Verses Titles

Praise for Another’s Treasure

Brava, Alexis Spencer-Byers, for this collection of poems that are full of love, struggle, questions, and peace. Whether set in Jackson, MS, or Los Angeles, CA, we gaze at the world through her kind eyes, and reap her thoughtful insight. There is nothing "scrap" about this book. The reader who finds these poems in her hands is holding true treasure.

- Stacy Parker Le Melle (formerly Aab)
Author, Government Girl: Young and Female in the White House
Workshop Director, Afghan Women’s Writing Project

Alexis Spencer-Byers’ poetry is full of depth, introspection, voice, and honesty.

- Elisa Lorello
Author, She Has Your Eyes, Friends of Mine, and other titles

Praise for Urban Verses

In my library (and I hope it's a book that soon sits on your shelf) it doesn't get any better than Urban Verses by Alexis Spencer-Byers. Most of us won't ever take the opportunity to actually live in her community, but after reading the stories, poetry and verses you'll think it must have been where you've spent a good portion of your life… You'll discover that you're not only walking her street, talking to her friends, being scared of her fears, meeting her people, worshipping in her church, gaining and losing and feeling and loving her stuff-but it's now your stuff as well. Urban Verses not only makes me want to be a reader, but also stirs the desires and needs to be a writer...

- Douglas C. Eltzroth
Songwriter; Director, Collage

This moving, intimate collection is a celebration of life at the heart level of community, with all its love, anger, pain, fear, levity and loss-as well as the occasional and timely ray of transcendent light from above. Ms. Spencer-Byers' writing digs deep, unearthing the grace in daily life and the divine lessons of human interaction and relationship. Yet her expressions never feel didactic. There is an honesty and humility at work in them that lets readers feel they are learning along with the writer the often amusing, sometimes harrowing, and always compelling lessons of faith found in Urban Verses. These poems and stories have a fascinatingly 'reversible' quality; as the author looks out on the people and events surrounding her, she also turns her hope-and-faith-colored lens inward and allows us to see a bit of what God is doing within-a beautiful work in progress on a pilgrim soul in the urban spiritual landscape.

- Jennifer Merri Parker
Freelance writer; Contributing Editor, The Banner magazine

Always grounded in a refreshing vividness of life and people (a gospel choir's enthusiasm, a failed adoption, falling in love, a broken relationship, an interracial friendship, reckoning with a household burglary), these writings offer a beautiful hymn to human joy, fragility, the possibility of redemption, and the challenges of pursuing life in friendship with God and community. The miracle is, all becomes transformed into a journey of grace.

- Chris P. Rice
Author, Grace Matters and More Than Equals

Urban Verses is water to the soul-rich with meaning and value, from the tightly focused poems to the engaging stories to the author's vulnerable sharing of her own experiences. The lovely, lyrical language and detailed images are haunting, and I know I will return to these words again for inspiration, and to continue to be provoked to think and feel.

- Sundee Tucker Frazier
Author, Check All That Apply

Praise for From Oppression To Jubilee Justice

This book burns with a passion for the Church to free the oppressed by incarnating Jubilee justice among the poor.

- Dr. John M. Perkins
President, John M. Perkins Foundation