Urban Verses in the News

Bookseller Reviews:

Barclay Press, Review by Sandra Young


Conversations Magazine, Jackson, MS. August, 2006: "Alexis Spencer-Byers Interview"


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The Restorer, Christian Community Development Association, Chicago, IL. February, 2006: "Good Read for February"

Shalom Connections, Evanston, IL. Christmas, 2005: "Location"


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Rebuild the City. September 25, 2008: "Urban Verses"

stevekimes. January 11, 2008: "Location"

Musings of a Missionary. December 19, 2007: "From a fellow laborer among the poor"

Culture Shock. May 12, 2007: "Location"

Planet Grenada. February 16, 2006: "race reconciliation and the spiritual left"